Waleed R. Sulaiman

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1. Six well-trained cyclists and six untrained subjects were studied during and immediately after four successive 7 min periods of exercise at 30, 45, 60 and 75% of their maximal work capacity. 2. Venous blood samples were taken at rest, at the end of each exercise period and 5 min following the end of exercise, for estimation of metabolites in blood and(More)
To examine release of insulin from tissues of the exercising llin, growth hormone, cortisol, and circulating metabolites were studied in five men before, during, and after exercise on a bicycle ergometer at 60% of their maximum work capacity. At rest, insulin, growth hormone, and cortisol were taken up by leg tissues. During exercise arterial plasma insulin(More)
Glucose tolerance tests have been performed on five patients with Huntington's chorea and no difference in response has been observed compared with seven controls. Insulin tolerance tests have been performed on 12 patients with Huntington's chorea and 10 controls. Blood samples were taken at regular intervals for 75 minutes and analysed for blood glucose,(More)
Apparently new information about a metabolic abnormality has been obtained by measuring biochemical and respiratory responses to controlled exercise in a patient with abnormal mitochondria in muscle fibres. A male patient (49 years old) presented with bilateral ptosis of 15 to 20 years' duration and weakness for one to two years. Biopsies from the deltoid(More)
In order to investigate the effect of fenfluramine on hormonal and metabolic changes with exercise, five normal volunteers have been studied during and after 20 minutes of steady exercise on a bicycle ergometer after injection of fenfluramine (20 mg intravenously). Fenfluramine abolished the rise of plasma human growth hormone (HGH) which occurred in(More)
The effect of intravenous somatostatin on blood levels of metabolites and hormones has been examined in normal subjects who performed a 30-minute period of bicycle exercises at 70% maximal exercise capacity. The results have been compared with control studies in the same subjects. Measurements were made of blood levels of lactate, glucose, free fatty acids,(More)