Waldo C Klein

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Case mangers must deal with the ever-changing makeup of their client population as well as those who provide managed services to these clients. There is great ethnocultural diversity in the elder population, and statistics contend that it will only increase with time. Similarly, the majority of long-term-care providers have been consistently female and of(More)
OBJECTIVES This investigation assessed change in use of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) testing by minors after removal of the parental consent requirement in Connecticut. METHODS HIV counseling and testing records for 13- to 17-year-olds who accessed publicly funded testing sites were analyzed. RESULTS The number of visits increased by 44% from the(More)
The study discussed in this article describes the alcohol-related policies, practices, and problems experienced by a sample of 111 intermediate care facilities and homes for elderly people. Data were collected using a semi-structured telephone interview and indicate that alcohol use and associated problems among nursing home residents are common. Despite(More)
This commentary raises significant cautions related to inherent shortcomings in the use of bibliographic analytic technology, and in particular its use in substantive decision making around promotion and tenure. Questions are raised concerning the continued use of scholarly energy for bibliometric analysis of subtly different settings. The recommendation is(More)
Both meta-analysis and traditional literature or narrative reviews strive to compile a great deal of information in an accessible and succinct manner. In recent years, social work researchers have been turning toward meta-analysis to identify issues in large areas of research. In order for meta-analysis to be a rigorous and objective source of information(More)
there were a great number of concerns. The primary concern was could we care for this patient adequately. The fears of the staff, the fears of contracting the disease, the fear that we could lose staff because we had AIDS patients in our facility. The very real fear that other patients would leave the facility because we had an AIDS patient, financial(More)
The aging of the U.S. society and the growth in female labor force participation have produced a workplace environment in which eldercare is becoming common. In the context of the employed caregiver, this article reviews the nature of long-term caregiving arrangements, including the onset of long-term care need, the trajectory that such care takes and the(More)
This paper provides guidelines for high quality data collection with community-residing older adults with illustrations drawn from the authors' practice. A mixed-method approach is described as a means to obtain the highest quality information from the sample. This approach combines focus groups and interviews along with mailed, closed-ended surveys to(More)
The management of AIDS has become an issue of chronic care as well as acute treatment. As the number of people with AIDS increases, the demand for ongoing care and support, both informal and formal, is expected to increase. The present study is based on a survey of all licensed nursing homes in the state of Connecticut with respect to prevailing attitudes(More)
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