Waldir Sabino da Silva

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The curricula of engineering courses are well defined by the central government for all Brazilian universities. Indeed, there are some mandatory determinations that must be fulfilled prior to the accreditation of any engineering course in Brazil. Modifications must be submitted for evaluation beforehand, resulting in a process that sometimes takes years to(More)
Currently, digital filters are employed in a wide range of signal processing applications, using fixed- and floating-point processors. Regarding the former, some filter implementations may be highly prone to errors, due to problems related to finite word-length. In particular, signal processing modules may produce overflows and unwanted noise, which are(More)
Object recognition on large-scale video has recently attracted considerable research interest due to the huge amount of data available on the Internet, surveillance systems, social media networks and autonomous vehicles. By representing large-scale videos as image sets, we can handle the complex data variations such as viewpoint, illumination, and pose. In(More)
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