Waldemar Ternes

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Detergents are powerful agents for tissue decellularization. Despite this, the high toxicity of detergent residua can be a major limitation. This study evaluated the efficacy of detergent removal from decellularized pulmonary valves (PVs) and the consequences of repopulation with human endothelial cells (HECs). Porcine PVs were treated with 1% sodium(More)
The phenolic diterpene carnosic acid appears to be the main substance for general oxidation leading to artifacts with gamma- or delta-lactone structure in extracts of Rosmarinus officinalis and Salvia officinalis. Until now it was only possible to prepare carnosic acid by hydrogenolysis of carnosol. A semipreparative HPLC method has been developed isolating(More)
The antioxidant effect of dietary supplementation with 500 or 1,000 mg/kg of a commercial rosemary extract vs. 200 mg/kg of alpha-tocopheryl acetate (alpha-TA) on the lipid oxidative stability of omega3-fatty acid (FA)-enriched eggs was compared. Lipid oxidation was measured in fresh eggs by the lipid hydroperoxide level and malonaldehyde content. Stability(More)
Health-promoting properties such as antioxidative, anticarcinogenic, and cholesterol-lowering effects are described for mangiferin and hesperidin, the major phenolic compounds present in Cyclopia genistoides (honeybush). However, knowledge of their metabolic fate and their absorption from the gastrointestinal tract is very limited. The aim of this study was(More)
A method for the congener-specific analysis of toxaphene in eggs of seabirds from a monitoring program from the northern part of Germany was carried out. The method was optimized in most steps of the procedure: injection temperature, HRGC with an HT-8 column, ion source temperature and the MS detection mode NCI/SIM measuring the isotope clusters of [M] ,(More)
Synthetic alpha-tocotrienol was separated into four geometrical E/Z side chain isomers by preparative HPLC (permethylated beta-cyclodextrin phase). The isolated isomers were resolved in ethylene glycol dimethyl ether, converted into the corresponding methyl ether using dimethyl sulfate, and the tocotrienol methyl ethers were extracted with n-hexane. A(More)
A new analytical method for the determination of piperine and its isomers in egg yolk and albumen is described here. All four isomers were separated by HPLC and detected using UV, DAD and electrochemical detection. The absolute detection limit (UV detection, S/ N=3) of a standard solution of piperine was 370 pg piperine. The correlation coefficients for the(More)
Tocotrienols, a vitamin E subgroup, exert potent anticancer effects, but easily degrade due to oxidation. Eight vitamin E reference compounds, α-, β-, γ-, or δ-tocopherols or -tocotrienols, were thermally oxidized in n-hexane. The corresponding predominantly dimeric oxidation products were separated from the parent compounds by diol-modified normal-phase(More)
Regionale und artliche Unterschiede der Rückstände von Quecksilber in Eiern von sieben Brutvogelarten der deutschen Nordseeküste wurden untersucht. Bei vier Arten stellten wir deutliche geographische Unterschiede in der Kontamination fest (Abb. 1). Höchstgehalte fanden wir in Eiern von der Elbmündung (Region V). Austernfischer- und Flußseeschwalbeneier von(More)
A well-established population of Claviceps purpurea var. spartinae R.A. Duncan & J.F. White was found on the invasive common cord-grass Spartina anglica C.E. Hubbard at two localities on the German North Sea coast. Additionally, 25 populations of S. anglica with an average air-line distance of 50 km between them along the coastline, starting from the(More)