Waldemar Kaczmarczyk

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Chromatographic comparisons of histones isolated by acid extraction of liver chromatin preparations from F344 inbred rats and their paternal heterotic F344 X H hybrid progeny reveal the presence of a number of age-and line-specific nonhistones also extractable in acid. The patterns of the core histones (H2A, H2B, H3, and H4) remain relatively constant(More)
This paper presents a new mixed integer programming model for the Proportional Lot-Sizing Problem (plsp) with identical parallel machines and set-up times overlapping two periods. The proposed model assumes constant period length and explicitly calculates the distribution of set-up operations among periods. The presented results of computational experiments(More)
Diallel crosses among four highly inbred lines of rats were made in order to evaluate their combining ability at 10 day intervals during postnatal growth. Analyses were undertaken to consider the relative magnitudes of different components of variation, including a heterotic effect, over a long developmental period. A general analysis of variance for least(More)
DNA-dependent RNA polymerase I from E. coli has been used as probe for determining the capacity of purified chromatin isolated from inbred and hybrid rats during the course of postweaning development to serve as template for RNA synthesis in vitro. An analysis of variance reveals both strain- and age-specific differences in the incorporation of [3H]UTP into(More)
We consider mixed-integer linear programming (MIP) models of production planning problems known as the small bucket lot-sizing and scheduling problems. We present an application of a class of valid inequalities to the case with lost demand (stock-out) costs. Presented results of numerical experiments made for the the Proportional Lot-sizing and Scheduling(More)
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