Waldemar Grzechca

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Assembly lines are popular as production layout since more than 100 years. In the 50ies last century researches started to assign tasks to the workstations with assembly line balancing rules. Since that time we can find thousands of journals and conferences papers which deal with the problem of assembly line balancing (ALBP) in different layouts and with(More)
The manufacturing assembly line was first introduced by Henry Ford in the early 1900’s. It was designed to be an efficient, highly productive way of manufacturing a particular product. The basic assembly line consists of a set of workstations arranged in a linear fashion, with each station connected by a material handling device. The basic movement of(More)
The paper describes difficulties in estimation of the quality of assembly line balancing problem (ALBP). The mentioned problem is NP-hard and even optimal solutions can contain idle times. The objective of optimization ALBP is to minimize the number of workstations on an assembly line for a given cycle time (TYPE 1) or to minimize the value of cycle time(More)
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