Walburga Kullmann

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New neuromagnetic imaging methods provide spatial information about the functional electrical properties of complex current distributions in the human brain. For practical use in medical diagnosis a combination of the abstract neuromagnetic imaging results with magnetic resonance (MR) or computed tomography (CT) images of the morphology is required. The(More)
A 19-channel SQUID system for biomagnetic measurements has been developed. This system differs from standard instruments in its modular approach. Various gradiometers can be coupled to the SQUIDs, the cryogenic system allows the exchange of single channels and the electronics is based on a cassette system. Problems with thermal insulation, vibrations of the(More)
A pilot study on the Yakovlev Collection in Washington, D.C. was carried out in September/October, 1977, to determine its suitability for morphometric documentation of the growth of the human brain and its structural components. The Yakovlev Collection contains complete serial sections of approximately 800 human brains which are practically unexplored with(More)
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