Walaa M. Sheta

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Navigation is playing an increasingly important role in virtual environments (VE). Today virtual worlds are very large and present challenging navigation tasks. Usually a VE contains few visual details and hence few landmarks to support navigation. In this paper, we propose a technique to automatic identify landmarks in large virtual environment using(More)
Serious games have been expanding to include diagnostic and therapeutic applications. At the same time Health Informatics and health information systems are getting more attention and usage. Integrating serious games for health with Health information systems is a necessity to create a more effective user experience and health outcomes. This paper provides(More)
Many challenges face transmitting highly detailed geometric models in wireless medium such as rendering performance, limited bandwidth, limited resources of mobile devices and storage capacities. In this paper, we proposed a client server communication architecture in wireless medium using progressive mesh to build a dynamic level of details of 3D objects.(More)
Problem statement: Recently, 3D objects have been used in several applications like internet games, virtual reality and scientific visualization. These applications require real time rendering and fast transmission of large objects through internet. However, due to limitation of bandwidth, the compression and streaming of 3D object is still an open research(More)
Problem statement: Segmentation of 3D range images is widely used in computer vision as an essential pre-processing step before the methods of high-level vision can be applied. Segmentation aims to study and recognize the features of range image such as 3D edges, connected surfaces and smooth regions. Approach: This study presents new improvements in(More)
This paper presents a mobile augmented reality framework for an interactive three-dimensional city. One of the challenging issues in the design of mobile scalable augmented reality systems is the limitation of computational power. The proposed framework provides a scalable, service-based and open source approach to integrate the real and virtual scene. The(More)
Integrating serious games for Health has been proposed through a unified framework expanding current Health informatics. Healthcare from this perspective includes care for persons with physical, mental or developmental limitations. The main objective is to suggest an online framework to configure, monitor and analyze the results of health intervention(More)