Walaa F Shaaban

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effects of two sublethal doses of gossypol on biochemical, enzymatic, and electrolytic properties of male rabbit seminal plasma. DESIGN Retrospective study. SETTING A university-affiliated laboratory. ANIMAL(S) Fifteen adult male New Zealand white rabbits. INTERVENTION(S) Two sublethal doses of gossypol (4 and 20 mg per(More)
Mammalian seminal plasma contains many distinct components which are important for spermatozoal function and survival. Recent studies clearly indicated that gossypol has pronounced hazardous effects on seminal characteristics and seminal plasma constituents in male rabbits, which may lead to deleterious productive and reproductive performance. We examined(More)
This study was done to evaluate the effects of two sublethal doses of gossypol (4 and 20 mg/kg of BW, every other day) on some amino and fatty acid concentrations in male rabbit seminal plasma. Rabbits were chosen as an experimental animal owing to the fact that they are excellent model for reproductive toxicological effects. The experiment lasted 16 weeks(More)
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