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EMI shielding effectiveness of carbon based nanostructured polymeric materials: A comparative study
Abstract The microstructure, electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding effectiveness (SE), DC electrical conductivity, AC electrical conductivity and complex permittivity of nanostructuredExpand
A 1.1-mW Ground Effect-Resilient Body-Coupled Communication Transceiver With Pseudo OFDM for Head and Body Area Network
A body-coupled communication (BCC) transceiver (TRX) that mitigates all the practical impairments of the body channel at once is presented, which has been the two major issues on the BCC. Expand
A10.13uJ/classification 2-channel Deep Neural Network-based SoC for Emotion Detection of Autistic Children
An EEG-based noninvasive neuro-feedback SoC for emotion classification of Autistic children is presented and the 4-layers Deep Neural Network (DNN) classifier is integrated on-sensor to classify (4 emotions) with >85% accuracy. Expand
A high accuracy and low latency patient-specific wearable fall detection system
A patient-specific single sensor fall detection system that utilizes a tri-axial accelerometer data measured from the patient's trouser pocket to distinguish between activities of daily living (ADL) and falls is presented. Expand
A > 89% efficient LED driver with 0.5V supply voltage for applications requiring low average current
A modified boost converter topology is proposed to achieve better than 89% efficiency as an LED driver for applications in which low supply voltage and low average current are desired such as in aExpand
A low complexity patient-specific threshold based accelerator for the Grand-mal seizure disorder
This paper presents a 2-channel electroencephalograph (EEG) based seizure detection accelerator suitable for long-term continuous monitoring of patients suffering from the Grand-mal seizure disorder.Expand
Hybrids of conductive polymer nanocomposites
Abstract Nanostructured hybrid polymeric materials based on carbon nanotubes (CNT):carbon black(CB) and CNT:carbon nanofibers (CNF) were fabricated by solution processing in a common good solvent forExpand
A wearable long-term single-lead ECG processor for early detection of cardiac arrhythmia
An ultra-low complexity feature extraction engine using reduced feature set of four (RFS4) is proposed, which eliminates the need for complex machine learning decision logic for the detection of premature ventricular contraction (PVC) and nonsustained ventricular tachycardia (NVT). Expand
A Patient-Specific Single Sensor IoT-Based Wearable Fall Prediction and Detection System
A patient-specific (PS) fall prediction and detection prototype system that utilizes a single tri-axial accelerometer attached to the patient’s thigh to distinguish between activities of daily living (ADL) and fall events. Expand
A Pseudo OFDM With Miniaturized FSK Demodulation Body-Coupled Communication Transceiver for Binaural Hearing Aids in 65 nm CMOS
The proposed energy- and area-efficient miniaturized direct conversion FSK demodulation receiver is capable of demodulating up to 20 Mbps signals while reducing the area by >50% compared to conventional implementations. Expand