Wala Ben Kridis

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Primary squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of the pancreas is extremely rare. We herein report two such cases. Aside from various morphological characteristics, the clinical presentation of pancreatic SCC is the same as that of adenocarcinoma. The treatment is controversial, and the prognosis is poor.
Drug-induced pancreatitis is rare (1.4-2%). This report describes a 20-year-old female patient who developed acute pancreatitis while being treated for neurosarcoma of abdominal wall with the ifosfamide and doxorubicin regimen. Although it is unusual, it is important to consider chemotherapeutic agents as a possible etiology for acute pancreatitis in(More)
Primary melanoma of the mandibular gingiva is extremely rare. It is often misinterpreted as a benign pigmented process. The prognosis of this entity is very poor. We report here the first case of primary gingival melanoma described in the Tunisian literature about a 55-year-old smoker having cerebral and pulmonary metastases from gingival melanoma at(More)
Gastro-intestinal stromal tumors are uncommon mesenchymal tumors. There are localized preferentially in the stomach. The rectal localization is exceedingly rare. Through a new case of rectal stromal tumour as well as a review of the literature, we propose to focus on clinical, radiological and therapeutic particularities of this rare entity.
Primary peritoneal serous carcinoma (PPSC) is a rare malignancy of the peritoneum. Clinically and histopathologically, PPSC is similar to serous ovarian papillary carcinoma. Brain metastases (BM) from PPSC are exceedingly rare. We report here a new case of BM two years after complete remission from a PPSC, to make aware physicians about this entity. This(More)
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