Wakenda K. Tyler

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Pigmented villonodular synovitis is a proliferative condition of the synovium. Monoarticular involvement, the most common process, occurs in two forms: localized and diffuse. The localized form is characterized by focal involvement of the synovium, with either nodular or pedunculated masses; the diffuse form affects virtually the entire synovium. The(More)
UNLABELLED Periprosthetic fractures after massive endoprosthetic reconstructions pose a reconstructive challenge and jeopardize limb preservation. Compressive osseointegration technology offers the promise of relative ease of prosthetic revision, since fixation is achieved by means of a short intramedullary device. We retrospectively reviewed the charts of(More)
Giant cell tumor of bone (GCTB) is a benign, locally destructive neoplasm, with tumors comprised of mesenchymal fibroblast-like stromal cells; monocytic, mononuclear cells of myeloid lineage; and the characteristic osteoclast-like, multinucleated giant cells. Hampering the study of the complex interaction of its constituent cell types is the propensity of(More)
Large structural allografts used for reconstruction of bone defects after revision arthroplasty and tumor resection fracture up to 27% of the time from osteolytic resorption around the fixation screw holes and tendon or ligament attachment sites. Treating structural allografts before implantation with bisphosphonates may inhibit local osteoclastic processes(More)
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