Wakako Chiba

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In this paper the authors discuss the effects of cold fronts on the dynamics of freshwater ecosystems of southeast South America. Cold fronts originating from the Antarctic show a monthly frequency that promotes turbulence and vertical mixing in reservoirs with a consequence to homogenize nutrient distribution, dissolved oxygen and temperature. Weak(More)
Several kinds of natural woods and isolated lignins with various syringyl to guaiacyl (S/G) ratios were subjected to thioacidolysis followed by Raney nickel desulfuration to elucidate the relationships between the S/G ratio and the interunit linkage types of lignin. Furthermore, enzymatic dehydrogenation polymers (DHP) were produced by the Zutropf (gradual(More)
Benthic macroinvertebrates have many useful properties that make possible the use of these organisms as sentinel in biomonitoring programmes in freshwater. Combined with the characteristics of the water and sediment, benthic macroinvertebrates are potential indicators of environmental quality. Thus, the spatial occurrence of potentially toxic metals (Al,(More)
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