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The study aimed to determine the hazardous health effects of pesticides exposure in the factory workers by measuring plasma cholinesterase (PChE), pesticides residues, and renal and hepatic biochemical markers. In addition, we also assessed the knowledge, attitudes, and safety practices adopted by the industrial workers. The study was conducted in three(More)
BACKGROUND: Dysregulated immune function associated with ageing has been implicated in a variety of human diseases. We have demonstrated the anti-inflammatory properties of resveratrol, pterostilbene, morin hydrate, quercetin, δ-tocotrienol, riboflavinin a variety of experimental animal models, and determined that these compounds act by inhibiting(More)
BACKGROUND Age-associated altered redox imbalances and dysregulated immune function, contribute to the development of a variety of age associated diseases. Inflammatory markers and lipid profiles are useful prognostic indicators of a variety of age-associated and cardiovascular diseases. We have previously studied the impact of several proteasome inhibitors(More)
Objective: This study aimed at determining the major risk factors present in diabetic patients attending a hospital setting. Subjects and Methods: A total of 84 individuals with history of diabetes mellitus were selected. Based on their blood glucose and HbA1C levels they were divided into controlled and uncontrolled groups. Various factors associated with(More)
Objective: To look into various causes of infertility according to increasing age, differences in percentage of pregnancy rate after IVF in different age groups and role of various infertility parameters in determining pregnancy rate among these patients Patients and methods: A total of 206 infertile couples were selected and divided into two groups(More)
Objective: Recurrent pregnancy loss is a global issue. This study was planned in order to evaluate the effects of high dose intravenous immunoglobulin (IV Ig) in primary and secondary unexplained miscarriages in patients of recurrent pregnancy loss. Patients and Methods: Total 168 couples having history of primary or secondary recurrent pregnancy loss were(More)
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