Wajdi Ahmad

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In this paper, synchronization of two chaotic signals is studied and analyzed. A nonlinear recursive backstepping scheme is utilized to design an appropriate control input signal that achieves synchronization between the two chaotic signals. For the sake of comparison, an alternative master-slave synchronizing controller is designed and the two controllers(More)
This paper presents an automated computed tomography brain segmentation approach used to segment intracranial into brain matters and cerebrospinal fluid in order to detect any asymmetry present. Intracranial midline is used as reference axial where left and right segmented regions are subjectively compared. Two-level Otsu multi-thresholding method has been(More)
In this paper, a fractional-order analog phase-locked loop (FAPLL) model is proposed. In the new model, the traditional analog phase locked loop (APLL) is generalized by allowing the loop filters as well as the voltage controlled oscillators to acquire fractional order dynamics. The new model offers superior performance compared to its integer order(More)
Power factor correction is investigated under the assumption of using a fractional-order capacitor. The effects of the fractional order of the capacitor on real and reactive source power, as well as on the value of the correcting capacitance are analyzed. Theoretical analysis supplemented by numerical simulations are presented, ;and an example is given. '
A kth-order linear difference equation with constant coefficients subject to boundary conditions is considered. A necessary and sufficient condition for the existence of a unique solution for such a boundary value problem is established. The condition established answers a fundamental question for well-posedness and can be easily applied using a simple and(More)