Wain Sy Anthea Au

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—The recent growing interest for indoor Location-Based Services (LBSs) has created a need for more accurate and real-time indoor positioning solutions. The sparse nature of location finding makes the theory of Compressive Sensing (CS) desirable for accurate indoor positioning using Received Signal Strength (RSS) from Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)(More)
— The sparse nature of location finding problem makes the theory of compressive sensing desirable for indoor positioning in Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs). In this paper, we address the received signal strength (RSS)-based localization problem in WLANs using the theory of compressive sensing (CS), which offers accurate recovery of sparse signals from(More)
— The low rank feature of location estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) makes it feasible to use nuclear norm minimization as an accurate and fast solution for low-dimensional embedding problems. In this paper, a novel localization algorithm for WSNs is proposed by using nuclear norm for rank minimization. We formulate the location finding problem(More)
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