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Recently, biological techniques become more and more popular, as they are applied to many kinds of applications, authentication protocols, biochemistry, and cryptography. One of the most interesting biology techniques is deoxyribo nucleic acid and using it in such domains. Hiding secret data in deoxyribo nucleic acid becomes an important and interesting(More)
Performance evaluation is required at every stage in the life cycle of a network protocol. Analytical modeling is the method of choice for fast and cost effective evaluation of a network protocol. One of the most efficient high level formalisms used for analytical modeling of network protocols is stochastic Petri nets (SPN's). Yet, complexity of nowadays(More)
The problem in cryptanalysis can be described as an unknown and the neural networks are ideal tools for black-box system identification. In this paper, a mathematical black-box model is developed and system identification techniques are combined with adaptive system techniques, to construct the Neuro-Identifier. The Neuro-Identifier is discussed as a(More)