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The extinction paradox is examined by applying partial-wave analysis to a two-dimensional light beam interacting with a long transverse cylinder without absorption, assuming always short wavelengths. We show that the (conventional) power scattered, Psca, except for a very narrow beam hitting a transparent cylinder on axis, is always double the power(More)
A novel series of oligophenylene OPP(n)-substituted calix[4]crown-4s bearing up to three phenylene units, 1a-d, has been efficiently synthesized by means of either microwave-assisted or silver(I) ion-assisted Pd-catalyzed Suzuki cross-coupling of tetraiodocalix[4]crown-4 and the corresponding oligophenylboronic acids. Complexation of OPP(n)-substituted(More)
Reactions of coordinatively unsaturated Ru[N(Ph2PQ)2]2(PPh3) (Q = S (1), Se (2)) with pyridine (py), SO2, and NH3 afford the corresponding 18e adducts Ru[N(Ph2PQ)2]2(PPh3)(L) (Q = S, L = NH3 (5); Q = Se, L = py (3), SO2 (4), NH3 (6)). The molecular structures of complexes 2 and 6 are determined. The geometry around Ru in 2 is pseudo square pyramidal with(More)
In recent years, 3D printing technologies have been extensively developed, enabling rapid prototyping from a conceptual design to an actual product. However, additive manufacturing of metals in the existing technologies is still cost-intensive and time-consuming. Herein a novel platform for low-cost additive manufacturing is introduced by simultaneously(More)
3D printing using thermoplastics has become very popular in recent years, however, it is challenging to provide a metal coating on 3D objects without using specialized and expensive tools. Herein, a novel acrylic paint containing malachite for coating on 3D printed objects is introduced, which can be transformed to copper via one-step laser treatment. The(More)
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