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Traditional decision tree classifiers work with data whose values are known and precise. We extend such classifiers to handle data with uncertain information. Value uncertainty arises in many applications during the data collection process. Example sources of uncertainty include measurement/quantization errors, data staleness, and multiple repeated(More)
We study the problem of clustering uncertain objects whose locations are described by probability density functions (pdf). We show that the UK-means algorithm, which generalises the k-means algorithm to handle uncertain objects, is very inefficient. The inefficiency comes from the fact that UK-means computes expected distances (ED) between objects and(More)
Many kinds of real-life data exhibit logical ordering among their data items and are thus sequential in nature. However, traditional online analytical processing (OLAP) systems and techniques were not designed for sequence data and they are incapable of supporting sequence data analysis. In this paper, we propose the concept of Sequence OLAP, or S-OLAP for(More)
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Mobile devices are capable of retrieving and processing data from remote databases. In a wireless data transmission environment, users are typically charged by the size of transferred data, rather than the amount of time they stay connected. We propose algorithms that join information from non-collaborative remote databases on mobile devices. Our methods(More)
Cardiotocography (CTG) is a simultaneous recording of fetal heart rate (FHR) and uterine contractions (UC). It is one of the most common diagnostic techniques to evaluate maternal and fetal well-being during pregnancy and before delivery. By observing the Cardiotocography trace patterns doctors can understand the state of the fetus. There are several signal(More)
—Given a set of products, where each is characterized by a set of attribute values, an online catalog is an organization of a set of product pages on the web through which users can access their required product information. A good online catalog is crucial to the success of an e-commerce web site. Traditionally, an online catalog is mainly built by hand.(More)
Sequence data processing has been studied extensively in the literature. In recent years, the warehousing and online-analytical processing (OLAP) of archived sequence data have received growing attentions. In particular, the concept of sequence OLAP is recently proposed with the objective of evaluating various kinds of so-called Pattern-Based Aggregate(More)
We investigate the problem of frequent itemset mining over a data stream with bursty traffic. In many modern applications, data arrives at a system as a continuous stream of transactions. In many cases, the arrival rate of transactions fluctuates wildly. Traditional stream mining algorithms, such as Lossy Counting (LC), were generally designed to handle(More)