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It is well-known that an impulse-excited, all-pole lter is capable of representing many physical phenomena, including the oscillatory modes of percussion musical instruments like woodblocks, xylophones, or chimes. In contrast to the more common application of all-pole models to speech, however, practical problems arise in music synthesis due to the location(More)
We have developed an adaptive multi-rate (AMR) speech coder designed to operate under the GSM digital cellular full rate (22.8 kb/s) and half rate (11.4 kb/s) channels and to maintain high quality in the presence of highly varying background noise and channel conditions. Within each total rate, several codec modes with different source/channel bit rate(More)
In dialyzed patients, preservation of residual renal function is associated with better survival, lower morbidity, and greater quality of life. To analyze the evolution of residual diuresis over time, we prospectively monitored urine output in 401 pediatric patients in the global IPPN registry who commenced peritoneal dialysis (PD) with significant residual(More)
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