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Research into adjusting the probabilities of crossover and mutation pm in genetic algorithms (GAs) is one of the most significant and promising areas in evolutionary computation. px and pm greatly determine whether the algorithm will find a near-optimum solution or whether it will find a solution efficiently. Instead of using fixed values of px and pm, this(More)
This paper presents an investigation into the use of the delay coordinate embedding technique in the multi-input- multioutput-adaptive-network-based fuzzy inference system (MANFIS) for chaotic time series prediction. The inputs to the MANFIS are embedded-phase-space (EPS) vectors preprocessed from the time series under test, while the output time series is(More)
This correspondence presents pseudocoevolutionary genetic algorithms (GAs) for power electronic circuit (PEC) optimization. Circuit parameters are optimized through two parallel coadapted GA-based optimization processes for the power conversion stage (PCS) and feedback network (FN), respectively. Each process has tunable and untunable parametric vectors.(More)
Facial expressions recognition has gained a growing attention from industry and also academics, because it could be widely used in many field such as Human Computer Interface (HCI) and medical assessment. In this paper, we evaluate the strength of the Light Field Camera for facial expression recognition. The light filed camera can capture the directions of(More)
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