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The dual-tree quaternion wavelet transform (QWT) is a new multiscale analysis tool for geometric image features. The QWT is a near shift-invariant tight frame representation whose coefficients sport a magnitude and three phases: two phases encode local image shifts while the third contains image texture information. The QWT is based on an alternative theory(More)
We develop a quaternion wavelet transform (QWT) as a new multiscale analysis tool for geometric image features. The QWT is a near shift-invariant, tight frame representation whose coefficients sport a magnitude and three phase values, two of which are directly proportional to local image shifts. The QWT can be efficiently computed using a dual-tree filter(More)
We describe a terahertz imaging system that uses a single pixel detector in combination with a series of random masks to enable high-speed image acquisition. The image formation is based on the theory of compressed sensing, which permits the reconstruction of a N-by-N pixel image using much fewer than N 2 measurements. This approach eliminates the need for(More)
We describe a novel, high-speed pulsed terahertz (THz) Fourier imaging system based on compressed sensing (CS), a new signal processing theory, which allows image reconstruction with fewer samples than traditionally required. Using CS, we successfully reconstruct a 64 x 64 image of an object with pixel size 1.4 mm using a randomly chosen subset of the 4096(More)
We extend the wavelet transform to handle multidimensional signals that are smooth save for singularities along lower-dimensional manifolds. We first generalize the complex wavelet transform to higher dimensions using a multidimensional Hilbert transform. Then, using the resulting hypercomplex wavelet transform (HWT) as a building block, we construct new(More)
Using the conccptn of two-dimensionnl Hilbert transform and analytic signal, we construct a new qriutenrimz wavrler rrunsfunn (QWT). The QWT forms a tight frame and can be efficiently computed using a 2-D dual-tree tilter hank. The QWT and the 2-D complex wavclet transform (CWT) are related by a unitary transformation. but the former inhcrits the quaternion(More)
We design and implement a multipixel spatial modulator for terahertz beams using active terahertz metamaterials. Our first-generation device consists of a 4 ϫ 4 pixel array, where each pixel is an array of subwavelength-sized split-ring resonator elements fabricated on a semiconductor substrate, and is independently controlled by applying an external(More)
We demonstrated extraordinary THz transmission through ring apertures on a metal film. Transmission of 60% was obtained with an aperture-to-area ratio of only 1.4%. We show that the high transmission can be suppressed by over 18 dB with a thin layer of free carriers in the silicon substrate underneath the metal film. This result suggests that(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate clinical and cosmetic outcomes of reconstruction in thumb polydactyly and prognostic value of the Wassel classification. METHODS Between 1993 and 2000 inclusive, out of the patients with thumb polydactyly (involving 80 thumbs) operated on, 34 patients (36 thumbs) were available for review and underwent clinical and radiological(More)