Wai Kit Chan

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Drug resistance hinder most cancer chemotherapies and leads to disease recurrence and poor survival of patients. Resistance of cancer cells towards apoptosis is the major cause of these symptomatic behaviours. Here, we showed that isoquinoline alkaloids, including liensinine, isoliensinine, dauricine, cepharanthine and hernandezine, putatively induce(More)
Resistance of cancer cells to chemotherapy is a significant problem in oncology, and the development of sensitising agents or small-molecules with new mechanisms of action to kill these cells is needed. Autophagy is a cellular process responsible for the turnover of misfolded proteins or damaged organelles, and it also recycles nutrients to maintain energy(More)
<i>Bateau Ivre</i> is a project presented on the Seine River to make a large audience aware of the possible developments of Augmented Reality through an artistic installation in a mobile outdoor environment. The installation could be viewed from a ship by a large audience without specific equipment, through nightly video-projection on the River banks. The(More)
Heparan sulfate (HS) is a linear carbohydrate composed of polymerized uronate-glucosamine disaccharide units that decorates cell surface and secreted glycoproteins in the extracellular matrix. In mammals HS is subjected to differential sulfation by fifteen different heparan sulfotransferase (HST) enzymes of which Hs2st uniquely catalyzes the sulfation of(More)
Cancers illustrating resistance towards apoptosis is one of the main factors causing clinical failure of conventional chemotherapy. Innovative therapeutic methods which can overcome the non-apoptotic phenotype are needed. The AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) is the central regulator of cellular energy homeostasis, metabolism, and autophagy. Our previous(More)
In this paper, we presents a mobile based snapshot translation system, Cyclops. The system takes an image of Chinese text as its input and translates the textual content of the image into either Portuguese or English, or both. The underneath design idea is to provide user a comprehensive user interface in using language translation tool to access the(More)
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