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As we began discussing the sales forecasting process used by his department, he sions of time series and regression forecasting techniques, respectively,. Introduction. This manual is intended to be a reference guide for time-series forecasting in STATA.. The simplest regression model is intercept-only, y=b0+e. However, understanding and forecasting(More)
Elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) has been the focus of much recent attention since it ooers the highest security per bit of any known public key cryptosystem. This beneet of smaller key sizes makes ECC particularly attractive for embedded applications since its implementation requires less memory and processing power. In this paper a microcoded Xilinx(More)
For classification tasks, it is always desirable to extract features that are most effective for preserving class separability. In this brief, we propose a new feature extraction method called regularized deep Fisher mapping (RDFM), which learns an explicit mapping from the sample space to the feature space using a deep neural network to enhance the(More)
The three most difficult problems in making picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) a clinical reality in radiology are image archiving, very high-resolution display stations, and high-speed networking. This article considers high-speed image transmission through a high-capacity network. Our laboratory has tested several commercially available(More)
BACKGROUND Adipocyte fatty acid-binding protein (A-FABP) is traditionally thought to be a cytosolic fatty acid chaperone expressed in adipocytes. Mice with targeted disruption of the A-FABP gene exhibit a striking phenotype with strong protection from insulin resistance, hyperglycemia, and atherosclerosis. The clinical relevance of these findings remains to(More)