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This work is concerned with developing the hierarchical basis for meshless methods. A reproducing kernel hierarchical partition of unity is proposed in the framework of continuous representation as well as its discretized counterpart. To form such hierarchical partition, a class of basic wavelet functions are introduced. Based upon the built-in consistency(More)
Construction of a recognizer in a new target language usually involves collection of a comprehensive database in that language as well as manual annotation and model training. For rapid development of new language recognizer, we propose (1) substituting target language phoneme models by source language phoneme models trained previously; and (2) adapting(More)
In this paper, we present a prototype speech-based Web browser, SALSA1.0, and describe some of the research issues we need to address while building this system for Hong Kong users. SALSA1.0 allows the user to speak English command words as well as partial or complete link names on any page. The research issues involved in building SALSA1.0 are mainly (1)(More)
Presented herein is an analytical approach based on homotopy analysis method (HAM) used to deal with the seventh-order Duffing type problem with high-order nonlinearity. Such a problem corresponds to the large-amplitude vibration of an electrostatically actuated microbeam. Unlike tradition HAM, the convergence-control auxiliary parameters ( ) i i 1,2 m = ħ(More)
Recently the Meshless and Generalized FEM became to be in the center of interest, especially in the engineering community. I have identified more than 200 engineering papers and four books ([1],[2],[3],[4]). I found very few papers of mathematical character (assumptions, theorems, proofs). Hence there is a large experience and heuristics but not too much(More)
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