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Content filtering on the WWW is significant social issue, since children can easily access pornography and other illegal material with ease. In this study, a descriptive and predictive model of pornographic web page characteristics was developed, to assist with recognition of pornographic pages in a content filter. Support and confidence results from simple(More)
The performance of a face identification system varies with its enrollment size. However, most experiments evaluated the performance of algorithms at only one enrollment size with the rank-1 identification rate. The current practice does not demonstrate the usability of algorithms thoroughly. But the problem is, in order to measure identification(More)
With the broad application of face identification, it is important that the performance estimated for an algorithm using a sample can be generalized to the population performance. We proposed using an Owner-Tester setup to replace the current approach for experiments on face identification (or other biometrics and pattern recognition systems). This paper(More)
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