Wai Ching Liu

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Strontium-containing hydroxyapatite/polyetheretherketone (Sr-HA/PEEK) composites were developed as alternative materials for load-bearing orthopaedic applications. The amount of strontium-containing hydroxyapatite (Sr-HA) incorporated into polyetheretherketone (PEEK) polymer matrix ranged from 15 to 30 vol% and the composites were successfully fabricated by(More)
Scaffolds were fabricated from poly-l-lactic acid (PLLA)/dicalcium phosphate dihydrate (DCPD) composite by indirect casting. Sodium citrate and PLLA were used to improve the mechanical properties of the DCPD scaffolds. The resulting PLLA/DCPD composite scaffold had increased diametral tensile strength and fracture energy when compared to DCPD only scaffolds(More)
The collection characteristics of five types of substrates (collection surfaces) used in personal cascade impactors were evaluated for particle bounce in the laboratory with lead dioxide dust, and in the field with brass pouring fume and brass grinding dust. The substrates tested were uncoated stainless steel, silicon grease-coated stainless steel,(More)
Personal sampling techniques were used to evaluate firefighter exposure to particulates from diesel engine emissions. Selected fire stations in New York, Boston and Los Angeles were studied. Firefighter exposure to total particulates increased with the number of runs conducted during an 8-hr period. In New York and Boston where the response level ranged(More)
Modified strontium-containing hydroxyapatite (Sr-HA) bone cement was loaded with gentamicin sulfate to generate an efficient bioactive antibiotic drug delivery system for treatment of bone defects. Gentamicin release and its antibacterial property were determined by fluorometric method and inhibition of Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) growth. Gentamicin(More)
Vascularization is an essential process in bone formation, remodeling and regeneration during both bone development and fracture repair. Vascularization remains a big challenge directly leading to the final success of newly regenerated bone. In this review, the advantages and disadvantages of different angiogenesis assays and bone defect models are(More)
Cyanide release from neurotoxic aminonitriles was measured following in vitro incubation with both microsomes and liver slices. Investigation of cyanide released as urinary thiocyanate following ip aminonitrile administration to rats was also measured. The yield of cyanide in the in vivo study, as measured by the mole percent of administered dose, was(More)
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  • 2007
In this paper we study circuit structures obtained from direct mapping to pass transistor logic (PTL) of Yet Another Decision Diagrams (YADDs). These structures have almost equal delays along all the paths which makes wave pipelining possible. We discuss the details of a complete design, clocking and layout. In 0.5μm CMOS technology, YADDs can be clocked at(More)
The size distribution measurements of lead aerosol from a brass foundry and primary lead smelter are used to simulate blood lead distributions applying a pharmacokinetic model developed by Bernard. The predicted distribution of blood lead levels determined using the actual size distribution of lead aerosol are compared to the blood lead levels predicted(More)
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