Wai Chan

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To synthesize studies that use structural equation modeling (SEM), researchers usually use Pearson correlations (univariate r), Fisher z scores (univariate z), or generalized least squares (GLS) to combine the correlation matrices. The pooled correlation matrix is then analyzed by the use of SEM. Questionable inferences may occur for these ad hoc(More)
In this study, we proposed to use the nonparametric bootstrap procedure to construct the confidence interval for the mean correlation r corrected for Case IV range restriction in meta-analysis (i.e., ; Hunter, Schmidt, & Le, 2006). A comprehensive Monte Carlo study was conducted to evaluate the accuracy of the parametric confidence interval and 3(More)
In three experiments, we examined whether overshadowing of geometric cues by a discrete landmark (beacon) is due to the relative saliences of the cues. Using a virtual water maze task, human participants were required to locate a platform marked by a beacon in a distinctively shaped pool. In Experiment 1, the beacon overshadowed geometric cues in a(More)
The standard Pearson correlation coefficient, r, is a biased estimator of the population correlation coefficient, ρ(XY) , when predictor X and criterion Y are indirectly range-restricted by a third variable Z (or S). Two correction algorithms, Thorndike's (1949) Case III, and Schmidt, Oh, and Le's (2006) Case IV, have been proposed to correct for the bias.(More)
The standard Pearson correlation coefficient is a biased estimator of the true population correlation, rho, when the predictor and the criterion are range restricted. To correct the bias, the correlation corrected for range restriction, rc, has been recommended, and a standard formula based on asymptotic results for estimating its standard error is also(More)
Subpixel mapping is a method of enhancing the spatial resolution of images, which involves dividing a mixed pixel into subpixels and assigning each subpixel to a definite land-cover class. Traditionally, subpixel mapping is based on the assumption of spatial dependence, and the spatial correlation information among pixels and subpixels is considered in the(More)
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