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This paper depicts theoretical results obtained in the line of projects related to constructing dialogue applications based on a formal cognitive model of a human-machine dialogue. One of the aims of the paper is to propose an appropriate model of question-answering dialogue, which can be used in designing relevant computer software. The theory proposes(More)
— this paper aims at improving web server performance by establishing a middleware layer between web and database servers, which minimizes the overload on the database server. A middleware system has been developed as a service mainly to improve the performance. This system manages connection accesses in a way that would result in reducing the overload on(More)
The purpose of this paper is to increase the efficiency of functionality and reliability of Complex Recycling Technical Systems (CRTS) community, through improving the control quality of their life cycle. Automated Control System (ACS) on the basis of Neural Super-Network learning for forecasting damages and ensuring its information representation for(More)
This paper introduces theoretical results of research oriented on development object-oriented models of filter systems of attention. The diagrammatical language UML is used as a means of modeling of attentional systems. Two filter-oriented hypothesis of focused attention offered by Broadbent and Treisman were chosen as prototypes. The paper includes: UML(More)
The paper deals with an investigation and modeling of dialogue and dialogue transactions. An ontological model of human dialogue interaction, underlying follow-up reasoning, is obtained on the basis of analysis of human-human dialogues and illustrated by one of Plato's dialogue Protagoras. In the sequel, attention is focused on one type of human-human(More)
Teaching strategies employed in intelligent tutoring systems are not based on old and recent developments in pedagogical science and ignoring both general principles of teaching and learning theory, and many classical teaching methods suggested by practicing teachers. The teaching and learning theory exist as a set of separated units. This paper reviews(More)
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