Waheb Bishara

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We demonstrate lensfree holographic microscopy on a chip to achieve approximately 0.6 microm spatial resolution corresponding to a numerical aperture of approximately 0.5 over a large field-of-view of approximately 24 mm2. By using partially coherent illumination from a large aperture (approximately 50 microm), we acquire lower resolution lensfree in-line(More)
Microfluidic devices aim at miniaturizing, automating, and lowering the cost of chemical and biological sample manipulation and detection, hence creating new opportunities for lab-on-a-chip platforms. Recently, optofluidic devices have also emerged where optics is used to enhance the functionality and the performance of microfluidic components in general.(More)
We investigate the use of wetting films to significantly improve the imaging performance of lensfree pixel super-resolution on-chip microscopy, achieving < 1 µm spatial resolution over a large imaging area of ~24 mm(2). Formation of an ultra-thin wetting film over the specimen effectively creates a micro-lens effect over each object, which significantly(More)
Non-Abelian anyons exist in certain spin models and may exist in quantum Hall systems at certain filling fractions. In this work, we studied the ground state of dynamical SU(2) level-kappa Chern-Simons non-Abelian anyons at finite density and no external magnetic field. We find that, in the large-kappa limit, the topological interaction induces a pairing(More)
Wide field-of-view lensfree on-chip imaging of C. Elegans samples is demonstrated using incoherent lensless in-line holography. Digital reconstruction of these lensless holograms rapidly creates the C. Elegans images over a field-of-view of &gt; 24 mm<sup>2</sup>.
The recent revolution in digital technologies and information processing methods present important opportunities to transform the way optical imaging is performed, particularly toward improving the throughput of microscopes while at the same time reducing their relative cost and complexity. Lensfree computational microscopy is rapidly emerging toward this(More)
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