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Evidence suggests that creatine may have some beneficial effects on bone. The study aimed to investigate the effects of exercise alone or combined with creatine on bone health in ovariectomized rats. Findings show that exercise, but not creatine, has an important role in improving bone health. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of exercise(More)
Replication is a mechanism extensively used to guarantee the availability and good performance of data storage services. Byzantine Quorum Systems (BQS) have been proposed as a solution to guarantee the consistency of that kind of services, even if some of the replicas fail arbitrarily. Many BQS have been proposed recently, but comparing their performance is(More)
Critical infrastructures like the power grid are essentially physical processes controlled by electronic devices. In the last decades, these electronic devices started to be controlled remotely through commodity computers, often directly or indirectly connected to the Internet. Therefore, many of these systems are currently exposed to threats similar to(More)
One important aspect of modern critical infrastructures (CI) like power grids is that the control of the physical processes (e.g., electricity transmission) is no longer done locally but in a distributed way with SCADA/PCS systems. This distributed control is done over utility networks, typically wide-area IP networks, that interconnect the CI facilities(More)
BACKGROUND The presence of virilizing signs associated with high serum androgen levels in postmenopausal women is rare. Virilizing ovarian tumors (VOTs) and ovarian stromal hyperthecosis (OH) are the most common etiologies in virilized postmenopausal women. The differential diagnosis between these two conditions is often difficult. OBJECTIVE To evaluate(More)
The paper addresses the problem of providing message latency and reliability assurances for control traffic in wide-area IP networks. This is an important problem for cloud services and other geo-distributed information infrastructures that entail inter-datacenter real-time communication. We present the design and validation of JITeR (Just-In-Time Routing),(More)
This document describes the complete specification of the architecture, services and protocols of the project CRUTIAL. The CRUTIAL Architecture intends to reply to a grand challenge of computer science and control engineering: how to achieve resilience of critical information infrastructures (CII), in particular in the electrical sector. In general lines,(More)
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