Wagner Ramos Borges

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In this paper, the relationship between the e-value of a complex hypothesis, H , and those of its constituent elementary hypotheses, H j , j = 1...k, is analyzed, in the independent setup. The e-value of a hypothesis H , ev(H), is a Bayesian epistemic, credibility or truth value defined under the Full Bayesian Significance Testing (FBST) mathematical(More)
In this paper, the relationship between the credibility of a complex hypothesis, H, and those of its constituent elementary hypotheses, H<sup>j</sup>, j=1...k, is analyzed, in the independent setup, under the full Bayesian significance testing (FBST) mathematical apparatus. The questions addressed concern the important issue of how the truth value of H, and(More)
Cardiovascular diseases are currently the major cause of morbidity and mortality. Atherosclerosis alone is their most important cause and is characterized by a progressive multifactorial disease caused by genetic and acquired factors such as lipid accumulation, development of fibrosis and artery obstruction. The risk among patients with chronic renal(More)
Auf einem wuchsstoffkompletten synthetischen Nährboden (mit Gelatinezusatz) waren die Riesenkolonien aller untersuchten Stämme von Saccharomyces carlsbergensis einheitlich konvex und mit einem zentralen Krater versehen. Obwohl alle diese Hefen Inosit und Thiamin synthetisieren können, führt deren Fehlen im Nährboden zu deutlichen morphologischen(More)
Sensory evaluations to determine the shelf life of food products are routinely conducted in food experimentation. In such experiments, trainned pan-elists are asked to judge food attributes by reference to a scale of numbers (scores varying from 0 to 6 for example). The " failure time " associated to a product unit under test is usually defined as the time(More)