Wagner Massayuki Nakasuga

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Manual identification of fission tracks has practical problems, such as variation due to observer-observation efficiency. An automatic processing method that could identify fission tracks in a photomicrograph could solve this problem and improve the speed of track counting. However, separation of nontrivial images is one of the most difficult tasks in image(More)
The major challenges of automatic track counting are distinguishing tracks and material defects, identifying small tracks and defects of similar size, and detecting overlapping tracks. Here we address the latter issue using WUSEM, an algorithm which combines the watershed transform, morphological erosions and labeling to separate regions in(More)
Image segmentation, the process of separating the elements within an image, is frequently used for obtaining information from photomicrographs. However, segmentation methods should be used with reservations: incorrect segmentation can mislead when interpreting regions of interest (ROI), thus decreasing the success rate of additional procedures. Multi-Level(More)
Spectroscopic and morphological studies, designed to improve our understanding of the physicochemical phenomena that occur during zircon crystallization, are presented. The zircon fission track method (ZFTM) is used routinely in various laboratories around the world; however, there are some methodological difficulties needing attention. Depending on the(More)
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