Wagner Martignoni de Figueiredo

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BACKGROUND The diagnosis of "subclinical uremic encephalopathy" may need the administration of sensitive tests. PURPOSE To test the hypotheses that (1) patients on chronic hemodialysis (CHD) fare worse than normal controls on a brief performance battery, (2) one extra-day of uremia further jeopardizes the neuropsychological performance of CHD patients,(More)
After briefly reviewing the concepts of "coma" and "alpha-coma", we report the case of a patient with presumable Pick's disease who spent several weeks in a vegetative state with a normal and reactive EEG in the alpha range in the later stages of her illness. We (a) emphasize some implications of the appearance of the eyes in such patients, b) stress the(More)
The present paper reports on five patients who developed apathy as a peculiar side effect of antidepressants. Their behavioral and psychopathological changes were primarily due to the near-absence of emotional experience, a key characteristic that distinguishes apathy from avolition and abulia. The emergence of apathy in the course of an antidepressant(More)
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