Wagner Martignoni de Figueiredo

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A 64-year-old man presented with pathologic crying and right hemiplegia due to a unilateral pontine infarct from probable branch disease of the basilar artery. The circumscribed nature of the lesion was supported by MRI and short-latency evoked potentials. The weeping spells ceased after a few days of imipramine in low doses. Pathologic laughing and crying(More)
The present paper reports the long-term use of clozapine in a prospective sample of 46 chronic schizophrenics. In six months, 21 subjects had been excluded for a number of reasons. In four of them the reasons for exclusion were related to lack of response or adverse effects. The median daily clozapine dose was 400 mg in the remaining 25 patients. As a(More)
The relationship between the interruption of the human pyramidal tract and its attendant clinical manifestations has been a matter of concern to neurologists and neurosurgeons for over a century. We presently report three cases of unilateral pyramidal tract ischemic lesions within the cerebral hemispheres who presented with a contralateral pure spastic(More)
The tegmentum of the midbrain is a complex area traversed by a number of anatomical and functional systems, including local circuits, ascending activating systems and descending fibers from the cerebral hemispheres. In the present paper we report on the case of a 67-year-old man who suffered a spontaneous central tegmental hemorrhage and was initially(More)
The extensor plantar reflex was described by Babinski in 1896. Given the obvious relevance of the sign for internal medicine as well as the paucity of translations of the original sources into Portuguese, we thought it timely to recall the ingenious arguments Babinski used to demonstrate his views on the "toe phenomenon", as he would call it. A careful(More)
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