Wagner L. Zucchi

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The IPv4 addresses exhaustion demands a protocol transition from IPv4 to IPv6. The original transition technique, the dual stack, is not widely deployed yet and it demanded the creation of new transition techniques to extend the transition period. This work makes an experimental comparison of techniques that use dual stack with a limited IPv4 address. This(More)
The technological advances establish new communication forms between people and have also reached the government sphere and its activities, improving access to information and allowing greater interaction between citizens through C2C (Citizen to Citizen) Services. Based on these aspects, this chapter presents a proposal for software architecture, using a(More)
A digital television system can provide sounds and images of better quality than an analog broadcast system. But that is not all. The Brazilian digital terrestrial television system adopted in 2006 also makes it possible to receive TV signals on portable devices and mobile television receivers besides enabling interactivity. This paper consider digital(More)
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