Wagner L. Zucchi

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Availability and reliability from information systems have been threatened by intrusions and Unwanted Internet Traffic (UIT). To protect systems from UIT, it is desirable developing techniques that detect and forecast UIT. Intending to improve intrusion detection, in our earlier work we proposed an approach to cope with UIT in a proactive manner, using(More)
The IPv4 addresses exhaustion demands a protocol transition from IPv4 to IPv6. The original transition technique, the dual stack, is not widely deployed yet and it demanded the creation of new transition techniques to extend the transition period. This work makes an experimental comparison of techniques that use dual stack with a limited IPv4 address. This(More)
A digital television system can provide sounds and images of better quality than an analog broadcast system. But that is not all. The Brazilian digital terrestrial television system adopted in 2006 also makes it possible to receive TV signals on portable devices and mobile television receivers besides enabling interactivity. This paper consider digital(More)
The system presented here is based on the concept of cognition applied to Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) concerning aspects related to memory, history and decision making over network nodes tasks. The use of cognitive features in the WSN scope allows the routing protocols to make better decisions about conflicts or anomalies generated by node or route fails(More)
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