Wagner Fortes

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Binary tomography deals with the problem of reconstructing a binary image from its projections. In particular, there is a focus on highly underdetermined reconstruction problems for which many solutions may exist. In such cases, it is important to have a quality measure for the reconstruction with respect to the unknown original image. In this article, we(More)
Studies on the feeding preferences of marine herbivores are very important for our better understanding of the biology and the ecological role of these organisms. Members of the family Epialtidae are usually herbivores that mask themselves with pieces of seaweed and other materials to avoid predation. In order to better understand the mechanisms of food and(More)
Tomography is concerned with the reconstruction of images from their projections. In this paper, we consider the reconstruction problem for a class of tomography problems, where the images are restricted to binary grey levels. For any given set of projections, we derive an upper bound on the difference between any two binary images having these projections,(More)
Discrete tomography deals with tomographic reconstruction of greyscale images for which the set of possible grey levels is discrete and small. Here, we develop a discrete approximate reconstruction algorithm. Our algorithm computes an image that has only grey values belonging to a given finite set. It also guarantees that the difference between the given(More)
Available online xxxx Keywords: Discrete tomography Binary tomography Error bounds Underdetermined linear systems a b s t r a c t Binary tomography deals with the problem of reconstructing a binary image from a set of its projections. The problem of finding binary solutions of underdetermined linear systems is, in general, very difficult and many such(More)
We describe some features of a three-dimensional numerical simulator currently under development for studying water physico-chemical properties during the flooding of hydroelectric plants reservoirs. The work is sponsored by the Brazilian Electric Energy National Agency (ANEEL) and conducted with Furnas Centrais Elétricas S. A., the leading Brazilian power(More)
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