Wagner Fontes Godoy

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Oesophageal cancer is one of the most common and lethal malignancies in the world. Despite many efforts, treatment is still ineffective for most cases; thus, the development of preventive strategies is crucial for decreasing the burden presented by this disease. Environmental factors, particularly nitrosamines, are thought to be involved in the genesis of(More)
N-nitrosodiethylamine (NDEA) is able to induce tumours in the rat oesophagus. It has been suggested that this could be due to tissue specific expression of NDEA activating cytochrome P450 enzymes. We investigated this by characterizing the oesophageal monooxygenase complex of male Wistar rats and comparing it with that of the liver. Total amount of(More)
  • Alexandre L'Erario, José Augusto Fabri, Rodrigo Henrique Cunha Palácios, Wagner Godoy, William Simão de Deus
  • 2017
The crowdsourcing (CS) is a software development practice that increases in the productive sector. This environment is supported by a platform which relates the crowd, the provider, the sponsor and the developer. Microtasks are executed by people, and these are joining in a large project. The teaching of crowdsourcing in undergraduate courses is minimal(More)
The induction motor is considered one of the most important elements in manufacturing processes. The use of strategies based on intelligent systems capable to classify the presence or absence of failures and also to determine its origin for the diagnosis and faults prediction is widely investigated in three phase induction motors. Thus, the aim of this(More)
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