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CT Scan is based on the x-ray principal: as x-rays pass through the body they are absorbed or attenuated (weakened) at differing levels creating a matrix or profile of x-ray beams of different strength. This x-ray profile is registered on film, thus creating an image. In the case of CT. Image processing uses for detecting for objects of CT images. Edge(More)
A mammography exam, called a mammogram, is an important examination aid that is designed to help human in the early detection and diagnosis of breast diseases especially in women. Image processing is using for detecting for objects in mammogram images. Edge detection; which is a method of determining the discontinuities in gray level images; is a very(More)
Prostate diseases are very common in adult and elderly men, and prostate boundary detection from images plays a key role in prostate disease diagnosis and treatment. The edges in an image usually refer to rapid changes in some physical properties, such as geometry, illumination. There are many ways to perform the edge detection. However, it may be grouped(More)
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