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The Mediterranean sponge Hamigera hamigera (family Anchinoideae) was studied since its total extract showed deterrent activity in a fish feeding assay. Eight compounds were isolated from the biologically active fractions and four of these proved to be new natural products, hamigeroxalamic acid (1), hamigeramine (2), hamigeramide (3) and hamiguanosinol (5).(More)
The main problem facing farmers in the Nile Delta is water shortages at the ends of irrigation networks and canals. These problems have worsened as water demands have increased. Egypt’s Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation is currently trying to avoid water deficits by returning agricultural drainage water to the irrigation canals. In the Kafr(More)
The aim of the present work is to investigate the influence of the Mode-I crack on the plane waves in a linearly fiber-reinforced. A general model of the equations of coupled theory (CD) and Lord-Shulman (L-S) theory with one relaxation time are applied to study the influence of reinforcement on the total deformation for an infinite space weakened by a(More)
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