Wafa Mouhaya

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To understand the genotypic variation of citrus to mild salt stress, a proteomic approach has been carried out in parallel on two citrus genotypes ('Cleopatra' and 'Willow leaf' mandarins), which differ for Na(+) and Cl(-) accumulation, and their cognate autotetraploids (4×). Using two-dimensional electrophoresis approximately 910 protein spots were(More)
The aim of this work was to provide a set of mitochondrial markers to reveal polymorphism and to study the maternal phylogeny in citrus. We first used 44 universal markers previously described in the literature: nine of these markers produced amplification products but only one revealed polymorphism in citrus. We then designed six conserved pairs of primers(More)
The expression of two genes, namely Mir1 and Mir3 and the abundance of their encoded proteins, the putative miraculin-like proteins, MLP1 and MLP3, showing similarity to the Kunitz family of protease inhibitors, were monitored in the leaves of the citrus variety, 'Clementine' after Tetranychus urticae infestation and elicitor treatments, or in the leaves of(More)
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