Wafa Khorshid

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In this paper, a brief description of the VIFOR (Visual Interactive FORtran) environment is given. VIFOR is based on a simple, but effective data model of Fortran programs. The model contains three entity classes and three relation classes only. Programs can be displayed and edited in two forms: the traditional one (i.e. code) and in the visual form. VIFOR(More)
In order to provide better programming environments, language-based tools are introduced. These are tools which use knowledge of a programming language's structure to provide special program development facilities. However, current software environment generators are geared towards generating environments which have language-based tools for(More)
As software systems evolve, they grow larger and more complex. Thus, they become difficult to maintain. This is true, because making a change to a software system requires an understanding of how the part being changed fits into the system and of the potential ripple effect the change may have on the system. Understanding the software system is a time(More)
The recent trend in designing relational databases systems has been toward using object oriented model in high level. The next step is to convert the high level model into the relational diagrams from which relational are extracted. Finally the relations are examined to make it sure that they are fully normalized. In the current Object Oriented model a(More)
Choosing the proper hardware and software tools is only one phase of implementing and managing Decision Support Systems. Generally, organizations pass through three phases in adopting DSS. The first phase is concerned with learning and experimenting with the system. In the second phase management assesses the benefits and rewards of end-user computing. In(More)
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