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Over the years fire detection systems have been developed using multiple techniques. These systems monitor the damage done by forest fires and tend to reduce the environment degradation and save the natural as well as human resources. On the other hand, these techniques or methodologies still need a lot of effort because they are mostly a high cost(More)
Transmission control protocol (TCP) was originally designed for fixed networks to provide the reliability of the data delivery. The improvement of TCP performance was also achieved with different types of networks with introduction of new TCP variants. However, there are still many factors that affect performance of TCP. Mobility is one of the major affects(More)
Security over communication is totally essential especially for critical applications such as Military, Education and Financial applications. Unfortunately, many security mechanisms can be broken with new developments in classical computers. Quantum computers are capable of performing high speed simultaneous computations rather than sequentially as the case(More)
Over the last decade, many researchers have studied the implementation of quantum systems and the states of the quantum systems. Most of the focus has been on the quantum states strategy. Researchers have found it to be more advanced than classical strategies. Complementary quantum Observables interaction and information are the most important features that(More)
Cloud computing systems have displayed many intriguing possibilities for the end users. Several cloud computing systems are centralized, and might lead to a system's overload. This situation influences security and leads to the blockage within the network especially when important routers and servers are malfunctioning. Over the past few years, there has(More)
Transmission control protocol (TCP) is a connection oriented protocol for several types of distributed applications. TCP is reliable particularly for traditional fixed networks. With emergence of faster wireless networks, TCP has been performing poorly in its original format. The performance of TCP is affected due to assorted factors including congestion(More)
With the technology development over the past decades, it became necessary to provide secure recognition systems. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can be considered as one of the most useful software to offer security. It works on the principal of recognizing the patterns with the use of a computer algorithm. OCR has multiple uses in places that need(More)
The development of Geographical location standards has opened the doors for new strategies and ideas for location based services, specifically for wireless mobile devices. With the help of Geo location, it has become easy to get information of specific location or find the current locations on our mobile devices. Using networks like Wi-Fi, Cellular networks(More)
The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that there are 285 million visuallyimpaired people worldwide. Among these individuals, there are 39 million who are totally blind. There have been several systems designed to support visually-impaired people and to improve the quality of their lives. Unfortunately, most of these systems are limited in their(More)
An important feature in the convergence of network is provision of multimedia applications. Multimedia consists of different classes but video-on-demand (VoD) has been more focusing research area in recent years. VoD enables the users to watch and select the contents of songs and movies on demand. There is still no concrete technique to attain the goals of(More)
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