Wafa Elmannai

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Transmission control protocol (TCP) was originally designed for fixed networks to provide the reliability of the data delivery. The improvement of TCP performance was also achieved with different types of networks with introduction of new TCP variants. However, there are still many factors that affect performance of TCP. Mobility is one of the major affects(More)
An important feature in the convergence of network is provision of multimedia applications. Multimedia consists of different classes but video-on-demand (VoD) has been more focusing research area in recent years. VoD enables the users to watch and select the contents of songs and movies on demand. There is still no concrete technique to attain the goals of(More)
Transmission control protocol (TCP) is a connection oriented protocol for several types of distributed applications. TCP is reliable particularly for traditional fixed networks. With emergence of faster wireless networks, TCP has been performing poorly in its original format. The performance of TCP is affected due to assorted factors including congestion(More)
With the technology development over the past decades, it became necessary to provide secure recognition systems. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can be considered as one of the most useful software to offer security. It works on the principal of recognizing the patterns with the use of a computer algorithm. OCR has multiple uses in places that need(More)
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