Wafa B’chir

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In response to different environmental stresses, eIF2α phosphorylation represses global translation coincident with preferential translation of ATF4, a master regulator controlling the transcription of key genes essential for adaptative functions. Here, we establish that the eIF2α/ATF4 pathway directs an autophagy gene transcriptional program in response to(More)
The intestinal mucosa of Crohn disease (CD) patients is abnormally colonized by adherent-invasive E. coli (AIEC). Upon AIEC infection, autophagy is induced in host cells to restrain bacterial intracellular replication. The underlying mechanism, however, remains unknown. Here, we investigated the role of the EIF2AK4-EIF2A/eIF2α-ATF4 pathway in the autophagic(More)
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