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In the area of reasoning about actions, one of the key computational problems is the projection problem: to find whether a given logical formula is true after performing a sequence of actions. This problem is undecidable in the general situation calculus; however, it is decidable in some fragments. We consider a fragment P of the situation calculus and(More)
In the reasoning about actions community, one of the most basic reasoning problems is the projection problem: the question whether a certain assertion holds after executing a sequence of actions. While un-decidable for general action theories based on the situation calculus, the projection problem was shown to be decidable in two different restrictions of(More)
We evaluate HERMIT, an OWL2 reasoner, on a set of test cases that emerge from an unusual but very practical way of using Description Logics (DLs). In the field of reasoning about actions, the projection problem is an elemental problem that deals with answering whether a certain formula holds after doing a sequence of actions starting from some initial(More)
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