Wadie Guizani

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Adequate testbeds for conducting security experiments and test under controlled, safe, repeatable and asrealistic-as-possible conditions, are a key element for the research and development of adequate security solutions and the training of security personnel and researchers. In this paper, we report on the construction and operations of isolated virtualised(More)
The common use of packers is a real challenge for the anti-virus community. Indeed, a static signature analysis can usually only detect and sometimes remove known packers if a specific unpacking routine has been programmed manually. Generic unpacking does not solve the problem due to its limited effectiveness. Additionally, the important number of binaries(More)
Botnets constitute a serious security problem. A lot of effort has been invested towards understanding them better, while developing and learning how to deploy effective counter-measures against them. Their study via various analysis, modelling and experimental methods are integral parts of the development cycle of any such botnet mitigation schemes. It(More)
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