Wade de Smith

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Validated age and growth estimates are important for constructing age-structured population dynamic models of chondrichthyan fishes, especially those which are exploited. We review age and growth studies of chondrichthyan fishes, using 28 recent studies to identify areas where improvements can be made in describing the characteristics of ageing structures(More)
Differences in the chemical composition of calcified skeletal structures (e.g. shells, otoliths) have proven useful for reconstructing the environmental history of many marine species. However, the extent to which ambient environmental conditions can be inferred from the elemental signatures within the vertebrae of elasmobranchs (sharks, skates, rays) has(More)
Nannofossils section sign here described are from the middle Proterozoic Paradise Creek Formation, along Paradise Creek in northwestern Queensland, Australia. These fossils, in chert blebs associated with branched stromatolites, comprise cubic colonies analogous to living Eucapsis, a member of the blue-green algal family Chroococcaceae. The age of the(More)
Although there is a general perception of sharks as large pelagic, apex predators, most sharks are smaller, meso- and upper-trophic level predators that are associated with the seafloor. Among 73 shark species documented in the eastern North Pacific (ENP), less than half reach maximum lengths >200cm, and 78% occur in demersal or benthic regions of the(More)
Two new types of air rifle pellet have been introduced; Prometheus, made from steel and nylon, and 'Sabo', made from lead alloy and plastic. Both have radio-opaque and radio-lucent components and their manufacturers claim better penetration. To establish their capabilities and the clinical implications a comparison of penetration was made between diablo,(More)
The project described in this paper is an attempt to develop an integrated model for environmental research, which concentrates on the application spatial, and temporal analysis techniques to large-scale ecological data sets and includes satellite imagery and ground-based sensor data. The backbone of this project is a telecommunication system that can(More)
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