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The abundances, compositions, and activities of microbial communities were investigated at bog and fen sites in the Glacial Lake Agassiz Peatland of northwestern Minnesota. These sites contrast in the reactivity of dissolved organic matter (DOM) and the presence or absence of groundwater inputs. Microbial community composition was characterized using(More)
Reproductive behavior affects spatial population structure and our ability to manage for sustainability in marine and diadromous fishes. In this study, we used fishery independent capture-based sampling to evaluate where Common Snook occurred in Tampa Bay and if it changed with spawning season, and passive acoustic telemetry to assess fine scale behavior at(More)
1 ABSTRACT.—For degraded coral reef systems with limited larval supply, active restoration techniques may provide a means of replenishing adult coral populations. Settling or seeding large numbers of sexually-produced larvae directly onto denuded substrate is a potential restoration tool that can eliminate the costs associated with rearing coral spat in(More)
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