Wade Shaver

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Duplex scan to diagnose deep venous thrombosis is an established technique. As experience accumulated, patients with free-floating thrombi were identified. A retrospective review of 65 patients was performed to study these thrombi, to evaluate treatment regimens, and to analyze patient outcome. A 26% incidence of pulmonary embolus occurred. However patients(More)
Low values for serum alkaline phosphatase activity were observed early in the course of two patients with Wilson's disease presenting with the combination of severe liver disease and Coombs' negative acute hemolytic anemia. A review of other cases of Wilson's disease revealed that 11 of 12 patients presenting with hemolytic anemia had values for serum(More)
Wetlands are valuable ecosystems that provide many valuable services, yet many of these important ecosystems are at risk because of current trends in climate change. The Prairie Pothole Region (PPR) in the upper-midwest of the United States and south-central Canada, characterized by glacially sculpted landscapes and abundant wetlands, is one such vulnerable(More)
Radiographic changes produced in the male urethra by instrumentation were studied by pre- and postoperative urethrograms in 50 consecutive men as well as in several hundred selected patients. All 50 patients showed postoperative changes in the urethra. Obvious findings developed in 30% without symptoms while 14% of the men suffered severe symptomatic(More)
To provide a comfortable and effective method for gastrointestinal decompression of feeding, we developed an alternate technique for gastrostomy. Under local or general anesthesia a No. 18 red rubber catheter with multiple openings cut into the distal 8 to 10 cm is passed through a stab wound in the antrum of the stomach and directed cephalad to a point 5(More)