Wade M. Hicks

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BACKGROUND The acyl carrier protein (ACP) is an essential and ubiquitous component of microbial synthesis of fatty acids, the natural precursor to biofuels. Natural fatty acids usually contain long chains of 16 or more carbon atoms. Shorter carbon chains, with increased fuel volatility, are desired for internal combustion engines. Engineering the length(More)
Microbial population growth is typically measured when cells can be directly observed, or when death is rare. However, neither of these conditions hold for the mammalian gut microbiota, and, therefore, standard approaches cannot accurately measure the growth dynamics of this community. Here we introduce a new method (distributed cell division counting,(More)
A single double-strand break (DSB) triggers the ATR/ ATM (Mec1/Tel1)-dependent DNA damage response in budding yeast. These kinases phosophorylate not only histone H2A (g-H2AX) but also the C-terminal threonine of histone H2B (g-H2B), both of which contribute to checkpoint responses and repair of the DSB. Despite both being phosphorylated by the same(More)
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